A million thank yous and hugs to Action Aid who has supplied me with all the training plans I could ever need 🙂 Feel free to go here to see the original Action Aid training plan. I will follow the Advanced plan!

Week 1
Monday: Off.
Tuesday: 35 minutes moderate – 6.2km. Power yoga and yin yoga.
Wednesday: Sprint intervals – 5km of 400m sprint/400m easy. Park (full body) workout with Hope
Thursday: Power Yoga
Friday: Off – sick
Saturday: Colour Vibe 5km race – aka 5km easy pace
Sunday: Off – still sick:(

Week 2
Monday: 7km at moderate speed (5:48/km).
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 35 mins speed workout. 2km warmup, 800m sprint, 300m recovery. 600m sprint, 300m recovery. 400m sprint, 300m recovery. 200m sprint, 300m recovery. 1km cool down. Total of 6.21km.
Thursday: 1 hour Power Yoga
Friday: 6km easy @ 6:00-6:50/km average pace. 1 hour Power Yoga.
Saturday: 45 mins Power Yoga, 30 mins Yin Yoga.
Sunday: Long run. 8.1 miles (13km) @ 9:13/mile pace (72:30mins)

Week 3
Monday: 35 minutes easy running + 75 minutes core sculpt yoga
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 2km warmup, 100m uphill/100m downhill x10, 2km cool down for a total of 6km + some strength training
Thursday: 1 hour Power Yoga
Friday: 3.10miles in the morning, 2.9miles after work for a total of 6 miles @ moderate speed.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Long run – 9 miles/14.5km at about 5:45/km average pace + 1 hour private yoga class



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