About Me

My name is Grace. I am a third fourth university student (studying English/French/Education!) living in Canada. In the past two years, I have found a deep, deep, deep, deep love for RUNNING.


Although at the beginning of high school I used to not be able to run 400m around the soccer field in gym class, I have really embraced my newfound lifestyle of running, health and activity.

Running makes me happy. It makes me feel proud, accomplished, invincible, strong. I am by far not that fastest runner out there, but I am growing and learning through this beautiful sport every single day. As I have read multiple times over: “every mile changes you.” I am not and will never be the fastest runner, but I am slowly becoming faster everyday. How quickly you can run does not make you more of a runner, so I have learned to embrace my snail-like qualities and work harder. 🙂

I am also a dancer, a dance teacher, and I have recently developed an addiction to yoga of all sorts. I love to read, eat (A LOT and EVERYTHING), cook and bake. I love my family more than anything in the entire world. Looking forward to the day I can own about 7 dogs… 😉


(Please don’t kill me for putting you guys on my blog!!)

I am still young and my journey has only just begun. I am here to learn, to be inspired and hopefully to inspire others. Happiness, health and love are all connected in life, and I am on a mission to not only prove this, but to live by it. Life is about having FUN and enjoying the ride (or the run).

Follow my journey to a sub 2:00h half and (hopefully) within the next year a FULL marathon!!


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