Playing Catch Up

This past week has been crazy – which is why I have been mostly MIA. It was my second week of classes, but my first week back to (dance) teaching. I have 10 classes to teach this year plus 1 competitive number to choreograph so it is going to be a BUSY year. But always fun!!

Although I didn’t manage to get my act together and update my blog, I DID manage to get in all of my miles last week (35km!). Here is a quick recap of my runs last week:


Long run on Monday. All went well. I found a handy-dandy 8km loop starting and ending at my house. I ran 8km, grabbed water and headed back out for the remaining 6.5km. If you have ever had a stop at home in the middle of your long run, then you know how hard it is to get back out onto the road to finish. I was happy that I stayed under 6:00min/km pace, but even happier that I pushed myself to finish the 14.5km that I didn’t even want to start. especially after stopping at home and seeing my big, comfy bed! I finished strong and felt ecstatic afterwards.


Wednesday – speed/hill workout. I ran 1km to warm up, 10 100m sprints/100m walks and 1km cool down with a big ol’ hill thrown in there for good measure. I added in core and hip work afterwards.

On Friday – Terry agreed to run with me! He flat-out refused the 10km I had on my schedule, but agreed to run the 8km loop with me. Let me just say how much more fun it is to run with a buddy. Wow. We had a blast! I forgot to wear my watch for this run, but we finished 8km in about 46 minutes.


Saturday – 5km easy run. All 5km of this run hurt, but I went out and finished. I had just downloaded a super interesting podcast so that helped a little:) Later that day, Terry led my through an upper body workout and let’s just say I’m still feeling it 2 days later.


The randomest run you ever did see!! On Sunday, I ran an extra 2km to reach 35km for the week (the missing 2km from my 8km run on Friday). I tried to keep my pace around what Terry and I ran on Friday. I added in some more core and hip work after.


And just because we’re all already here – I ran 16km this morning for this week’s long run! I did the 8km loop twice with a break at home for water, bathroom and half a Power Gel (tangerine – not my #1 favourite but I got it for free at my last race!). I had been feeling a little unmotivated for my upcoming race, still debating about dropping down to the 10km distance and feeling (for some reason) undertrained. I needed this run and it reminded me that I am more than prepared for this half marathon on October 11. I will go out there and give it everything I have – PR or not!

(I ran with my phone in my sports bra and this was the end result. Blurry blue skies.)

I had received some bad news relating to my family back at home this morning, and I wanted more than anything to stay curled up in my bed and cry. Instead, I used this news as fuel for my run. I ran long and hard and for my Nana. She is currently doing well, but any positive thoughts and prayers for her are appreciated! She is my world.

After 4 straight days of running, my body is craving a rest day tomorrow. I will embrace it with open arms.

In other news (food news):


I go through 1 sweet potato after 2 days. I am obsessed. (Recipe to come later this week!)


I am really into throwing everything in my fridge into one bowl, mixing it up and eating it. This bowl has a kale salad mix, quinoa, sweet potato, chick peas and my homemade guacamole. It was delicious, I swear.


A terrible picture, but on Friday night Terry and I made the best pizza ever. Really, it is better than a restaurant pizza. It had pesto, bruschetta and capricollo. Again, recipe to come later this week:)


I have also been eating a ton of Egg White Oats. Like every single day. But I can never seem to get a picture of them? This empty bowl will have to do.

Happy Monday everybody! This week is going to be a great one – I can feel it.


How were your runs last week?

What food are your currently obsessed with?

I currently finished my favourite banana marshmallows. Looking for suggestions – what is your favourite candy?

Does sad/worrisome news fuel your run, or encourage you to leave it for another day?


4 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. What a great training week, Grace; I’m sorry that it was coupled with bad news, but I sincerely hope that you’re okay. Those kinds of things give me more motivation to run, after I get out of my head, and I’m glad you did the same. My favorite candy? Definitely Raisinets; do you have these? So tasty… 😉


    • Thanks a ton for your sweet words and kind thoughts, Tara!! They mean a ton. And yes, we have Raisinets here and I love them! Though most people can’t seem to get past the “raisin” part, but they are delicious!!

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