Change of Plans…

I did have a blog post written and ready for today, but…


I may have been very young on this terrible day. I may be Canadian. I may be many, many miles away, but that has never lessened the respect and mourning I have for this day and the people affected by it. Growing up, my mom would gently explain the events to me in the most age-appropriate way she could until I was old enough to ask questions and find answers myself.

Even as a Canadian, I have never disregarded the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001. For as long as I can remember since, my classes in school always had a moment of silence to honour and remember the lives lost and the tragedy inflicted. I feel that it is not just important, but necessary, to continue this tradition in respect to the events that hit so close to home for so many people.

Today is a day not to reflect on running or food, but on the meaning and importance of this day. I choose to always remember and send out my love and condolences to those who have felt loss on this day.

I hope everyone – no matter where you are from – chooses to stop and remember today.



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