A Few Things I’m Diggin’ Today

Hump Day – yippee! And only the second day of the week. If only we could get used to this four day week/three day weekend thing. It does seem a tad bit more balanced and fair to me – don’t ya think?

Not a whole lot to report today, but I do have a few random things to share with you that either made me smile, laugh or just appreciate life a little more today.


This meme pretty much killed me today. Not sure if this is so accurate because I spent 80% of my summer watching Arthur with the little guys at work, or if because I have literally been in this exact situation 58 times. Cookies for the win.

Cilantro Aversion Gene –> My friend, Erin, sent me this link after I glared at her shrimp tacos in distaste, as they were topped with cilantro. Apparently there is a genetic explanation for a dislike of cilantro and I definitely have that gene. My response after reading this article: “This is everything.”


I saw “Straight Outta Compton” last night. It changed me. I can’t wait to download ALL the 90’s rap for my running playlist. The storyline is stellar and unique and full of emotional suspense (Terry begs to differ, but…). See this movie even if you think you won’t like it. Because you will love it!

North Bay has a restaurant/bar called The Moose. On Wednesdays you get a free pound of wings with your cover. Can’t wait to spend some quality time with some honey garlic chicken wings tonight… and of course my friends as well;)

101 Things I Will Teach My Daughter –> Missing my mom hardcore right now so this sparked a few tears. Happy and grateful tears, of course. Love you momma!!

If you’re feeling even more sentimental –> Sarah Kay’s poem (spoken aloud) “Point B.” It will totally make you weepy and totally make you want to call your mom/daughter.

And some less tangible things:

I am loving how sore I feel after running 8 miles yesterday. I feel like a mix of a rockstar and a super elite athlete. I am probably the proudest 8 mile runner in the world right now:)

I am also loving getting back to the gym at school and doing some weights. My summer consisted mostly of running and yoga (not complaining), so I am happy to do a little more strength training again.

I hope everybody is having a great day/week so far!


Have you seen any movies in the theatre lately? Maybe Straight Outta Compton?

Those with kiddos –> what are their favourite TV shows? Do they like any throwback shows like Arthur?

Is anybody else super close with their mom?


2 thoughts on “A Few Things I’m Diggin’ Today

  1. Loved this movie. I was 16 in LA in 1988 and went “Riding down Slauson looking for Crenshaw”. I was moved to have been able to know the story behind this group that was a big part of a specific time in my life.

    the movie has violence and nudity but none of it feels gratuitous.


    • Wow – that’s super interesting that you can relate to the story so personally. It would add a whole other dimension to the movie. I’m glad you think it was well made and authentic because it reminds me of the “true story” aspect of it. Thanks for reading!!:)


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