Sweat Pink Ambassador & Why It’s Important to Me

Happy first day of school/first day back after the long weekend! I hope everybody had a restful and enjoyable weekend filled with family and friends.

Things are finally starting to calm down here a bit after the move back to North Bay (where I attend university), so I am finally able to pop back into Blog World. Oh, how I have missed it. I have loved reading about all the fun things everyone did on the long weekend!

Before jumping head-first into all the randomness I have for you today, I wanted to talk a little about my new role as a Sweat Pink Ambassador (you may have noticed the little badge of honour on the right side of my blog). Fit Approach, or Sweat Pink, is an active community that involves women from all over the world. I was first intrigued simply by the name: sweat – check, pink – favourite colour, so check. I decided to check it out.

Sweat Pink is a community of active, enthusiastic women. It is about connecting with and inspiring (and becoming inspired by) each other. It is about showing the world what women can do. It is about the grit and the sweat but also the femininity we embody as women.

It is about trying your best, challenging yourself and feeling proud of yourself, no matter what.

It is about having green juice but also having a huge piece of chocolate cake (aka: BALANCE).

It is a community that builds each other up and never tears each other down. It is about support and positivity and fun.

Personally, I feel that these are all values I try to embody or strive to embody. I am not a huge fan of using blogs as a marketing tool (unless that is your career) unless you really passionately agree with the values of the company or product you are working with. When I got a welcome e-mail from the co-founders, Jamie and Alyse, accepting me into the community, I was beyond ecstatic. For someone like me who does not have a ton of active/runner friends around me, it was exciting to know that I could be part of a community that was just as excited about these gorgeous pink shoelaces as everyone else!


As it is for anyone, it is comforting to know there are others out there, just like you, living their own journeys. This was a total seller for me, I am all about comfort and support!!

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I really just hope to inspire others to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle and to enjoy activity, not dread it. Running has become such a large part of my life and has changed me in so many ways. Whether it is running, yoga, kickboxing, soccer, dance, etc., I hope to help others find their niche and their passion and allow it to hopefully change their lives for the better.

I started by giving my mom and Hope a pair of pink shoelaces. They are not huge fans of running, but they will be running the 5km portion of the Fall Colours Race while I run the half marathon. I am so excited and proud of them. Hopefully the shoelaces will make them extra speedy:)

For more info, check out their website HERE.


Now some randoms from the past few days! I guess these would be called tangents. (I really need to brush up on my vocabulary. I said the word “like” about twenty times in my 75 minute Postcolonial Literature class today).


My mom sent me this throwback the other day. Did anybody else have a “cellphone” like this? It was called a Firefly. This phone is probably circa 2005/2006. You could only make outgoing calls to the people your parents preauthorized onto your contact list. Absolutely hilarious.


Came home from a sweaty 8 miler to find these. My roommates freaking rock.


I whipped up some peanut butter banana cacao-chip muffins yesterday. It’s safe to say between myself, Terry and my four roommates that half the batch is gone:) They are one of my favourite “healthy” muffin recipes.


Saw this hat on Ebay and had to get it. No, I did not run Seawheeze so no, I am not fully deserving of this hat. But it’s a cool hat!! SO pumped for it to arrive!


We went to a party at a friend of a friend’s house. He lives on a house directly on the beach. It was super dark so this picture does no justice. Basically I was standing at the edge of his backyard. The pong table is on the sand and beyond it is Lake Nipissing. So incredible. Such a beautiful lake and view and wow. (Yup, definitely need to brush up on my English major skills and adjectives).


My mom also sent me this picture. Missing my Marley like crazy!! (And the rest of my fam, of course!)


Favourite muffin recipe?

Do you live with roommates? If so, what do you think of them?
-This is my fourth year living with my roommates! We have been together since day 1 of university – crazy!

Tell me about your dog. I love dogs.


2 thoughts on “Sweat Pink Ambassador & Why It’s Important to Me

  1. Congrats on becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Its a great mission and group of inspiring ladies which is why I am happy to be a part of it too! I have a 9 year old Maltese, Milo and he means SO much to me! I got him when he was just a puppy and he’s been with me through so much. Love him to pieces! Dogs are just so special 🙂


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