People Over Exercise – Your Thoughts?

I hope EVERYBODY had a fabulous past couple days. Happy September – and with the coming of September, fall and school comes a new beginning – a time to start fresh and make new goals. I, myself, am ready for structure, a schedule and the fast-paced and FULL days. However, I am really trying to embrace the last few days of summer and of time with my family and hometown before heading back to school.

Enter my general rule of thumb when I am home for the holidays: people (my family and close friends) come before running/yoga.

Now, this may seem like a terrible excuse or an easy way out. I’ve debated this rule in my head many times over. I realize the importance of making time for yourself, your body and your health, but sometimes, family just has to come first.

I love running. But I love my family more. Running will be there for me as long as I am healthy and able, but my family will be there for me ALWAYS and NO MATTER WHAT.

(Look at these perfect people! Also can’t wait to run this race again in 41 days!!)

I am only home a few times a year – Thanksgiving, Christmas, in February and for the summer, so quality time with my family and friends here is pretty limited. I really make it a priority to spend time with them whenever THEY are free, even if it completely interferes with my long run or my favourite yoga class – which both happened this past week!

In the end, running makes me physically fit and happy, but my loved ones keep me sane. Keeping a healthy relationship with them is just as important – maybe even more important – than a healthy running relationship.

Call it an excuse, but I have 2 more days left until my move back to school, and I am spending every last second with my family until I have to leave them for 5 weeks. Family over everything.

So yeah – I missed my long run. I missed a few strength training sessions and yoga classes. But missing a long run doesn’t make me any less of a person luckily;)

Now, this training session hasn’t gone exactly the way I have wanted it to. I have missed a ton of runs and haven’t pushed myself the way I should be. I have seriously contemplated not racing on October 11 or moving down to the 10km distance. But, whether I have worked hard enough to break the 2:00 hour mark or not, I am trained and physically ready for another half. I can totally run another half. If I break 2:00 hours, AMAZING. If not, we will try again next time. I love running and I love the half marathon distance – the time and my pace are just numbers.

Lo and behold my deep post of the week. I hope I didn’t bore you to death and I hope you can somehow relate:)


Workout Recap August 24 – 30
Monday: Upper body workout + 1h power yoga
Tuesday: Full body workout + 6km fast pace (I considered this my speed workout)
Wednesday: 10km moderate pace + 1h yin yoga
Thursday: Off
Friday: 6km at easy pace + 1h power yoga
Saturday: 1h yoga flow
Sunday: Off

Have a great Tuesday and a great first day of September!


Do you prioritize anything over running?

Have you ever loosened a grip on a goal you have? Does that make you a less motivated person?

Any extra special goals for September?


4 thoughts on “People Over Exercise – Your Thoughts?

  1. I actually think its really good to keep this kind of perspective on training. It’s supposed to be fun, and it’s not supposed to take over our lives. When we miss out on too many other things because of training, I think it sometimes crosses the line from being a “hobby” to a “chore”.

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    • Thank you!! So happy you agree. I have totally “run” myself in the ground (so to speak) with training before and I dreaded it! So not what it’s supposed to be about. Like so many things, balance is key:) Thanks so much for reading, Lisa!


  2. Sometimes when I let go of goals, I become more motivated because I end up putting less pressure on my self. No big goals for the next month, but looking forward to racing my first half tune-up for the fall marathon 🙂

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    • That’s definitely me as well! Kind of a reverse psychology – kinda funny!! Good luck on your races and the rest of your training! I am looking forward to following along and hearing all about it:) Thanks for reading, Jamie!!

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