THAT Kind of Runner

Hi all and welcome to Thursday! Just a warning, I have absolutely no exciting pictures for you today, so you will have to use your imagination:)


Here is a scene for you to imagine concerning last night’s run:

I get home from work and throw my bag on the floor. I trudge upstairs and change into my running clothes – tank, shorts (note: I only wear shorts when I do short or speed runs, because chaffing is a SERIOUS thing), socks, watch, iPod and hat. I stomp back down the stairs.

Mom asks, “Grace, how far are you running today?”

“I dunno,” I say grumpily, because all I want to do is lay on my bed. And eat. And sleep.

But instead, I head out the door with no real plan, mostly expecting to run 2.5km out and then run home for a total of 5km but with the looming shadow of what my training plan really says: 60 minutes at moderate speed.

I start off slow. And then I start to feel great. Then I speed up, and I start to feel even better than great. “Defying Gravity” from Wicked the Musical comes on my iPod and I feel like I’m flying.

(Thanks Pinterest! To see the entire picture, follow me on Pinterest and read my Running Board!)

I decide to run through my favourite part of the city: Westboro Village. It is a downtown-esque neighbourhood not too far from my own with cute little shops, delicious cafes and restaurants that let off such amazing smells that my stomach growled multiple times passing through.

The weather was cool (23oC, but it felt so much cooler compared to the 40oC we had the past couple weeks) and there was a light drizzle of rain. On this run I saw: a dog shaved like Chewbacca, a hiring sign in our favourite gelato restaurant (Hope, hint hint), three running groups, tons of smiling passer-by’s, plants growing out of puddles, 2 new restaurants I really want to try, 4 new cafes I really want to try, a Barre studio I never knew existed and need to try, cute couples carrying groceries home together and my dream contemporary-style condo.

It was not necessarily a fast run, but it was a good run. I ended up running 10km in 56 minutes, which is a 5:36/km pace and right on goal pace. I never understood how runners could “accidentally” run a longer distance than they intended, but last night I did. Last night I realized I must really be THAT kind of runner – somebody I never imagined I would become (and I don’t hate it). 

And the funniest thing was, it was the first time that I actually thought: hey, I think I really want to run marathon. 

When I got home I foam rolled like CRAZY because my IT Band was super extra tight and there is no way I am going to deal with ITBS again. Heck no.

Later that night my mom and I hit up our favourite yin yoga class and I felt AMAZING afterwards . Yin is so great after a hard workout because it deeply stretches everything and then relaxes your entire body. Really. I felt like I had just gotten a massage.

Ironically, I felt so great after the 10km/yoga pairing that I was chock-full of endorphins and couldn’t fall asleep for two hours. And that’s the way that the world goes ’round.



Have you ever had an experience that really made you feel like a runner?

How do you get your butt out the door on days you REALLY don’t want to?


4 thoughts on “THAT Kind of Runner

  1. I remember when I was in college I started running to stay in shape, but my runs “accidentally” got longer and longer, even though I wasn’t training for anything. I was shocked to find myself running for an hour or more, for no real reason except that I loved it!


  2. I love it when you feel great and can run longer than you thought! It’s starting to get cooler here and I am hoping to be able to get in some runs that will be a little longer. It’s so hard to run when its 90+ degrees and 100 percent humidity!


    • I totally know where you’re coming from with the humidity! It can be unbearable and even dangerous at times and does no good for our motivation. Fall running for the win!!
      Have a great weekend, Veronica:)


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