Tuesday Intros & 7 Things That Brought Me Joy

Note: I actually wrote this post on Tuesday (since it is Tuesday’s post!) and somehow managed to click “save draft” instead of “post” (does this happen to anybody else ever?!). So for the past 24+ hours I have been wallowing around in self-pity because I was convinced everybody hated my post, my writing, my blog and that I should stop blogging all together… And then I realized my Tuesday post was never actually posted:) Would you look at that! So, I have two posts for you today! Enjoy!!


I recently stumbled across Tara’s blog – Running ‘n’ Reading and fell in love. A running/reading blog?! How could there possibly be anything better?! Through her blog, I stumbled across Diane’s blog Bibliophile By The Sea (and fell in love again) and learned that she hosts First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros. Every Tuesday, she posts the first paragraph of a book she is reading or thinking about reading. I decided to jump on the bandwagon because I am also a huge bookworm.

Thanks for hosting, Diane! You rock! (And thanks to Tara for passing the idea along:)


I am currently rereading Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult (because God-forbid I read a new book I’m dying to read or start on my long list of school readings for this year). Jodi is my number 1 favourite author. I have read all of her books and am slowly making my way through them again. Leaving Time is currently my favourite book by her, but I just finished it last fall so it’s still pretty fresh in my mind. Change of Heart has been a long-time favourite so I thought I’d dive in before I got weighted down by all the mandatory school readings.


Here is the first paragraph:

“Shay Bourne was nothing like I expected. I had prepared myself for a hulking brute of a man, one with hammy fists and no neck and eyes narrowed into slits. This was, after all, the crime of the century – a double murder that had captured the attention of people from Nashua to Dixville Notch; a crime that seemed all the worse because of its victims: a little girl, and a police officer who happened to be her stepfather. It was the kind of crime that made you wonder if you were safe in your own house, if the people you trusted could turn on you at any moment – and maybe because of this, New Hampshire prosecutors sought the death penalty for the first time in fifty-eight years” (Picoult 4).

So… would you continue to read?


Yesterday was Monday and no matter how hard we all try, we can never seem to shake the injustice that is the first day of the week. But in my pursuit for more optimism in all that I do, I really try to highlight and focus on the little (and big!) joys of each and EVERY day, even if it means writing them down to really see and appreciate them. I think this is an important exercise that we could all get used to doing. It only takes moments, but it could drastically improve your mood and perspective.

So here are 8 little things that made me smile on Monday:

  1. Starting work later in the day, so I had time to eat breakfast, drink coffee and do all things blog before work.

2. Starting Lena Dunham’s (audio)book Not That Kind of Girl on my drive in to (and drive home from) work. She is such a cool woman.


3. Going to yoga and talking with the studio owners who were genuinely concerned with the fact that I have been to significantly less classes lately. I explained my annoying cold, and they assured me that I was far from annoying:)

4. Learning two new arm balances in this yoga class.

5. Hope got all things tea for her birthday (including the coolest steeper ever)  and had this cup of peach mango tea waiting for me when I got home. Best sister ever award goes to…


6. Going to a random bar with Terry afterwards and having life talks over beers. Nothing in the world compares to moments like these.

7. Finding this song. I know I am so behind on the music times, but every time I hear this song on the radio, I can’t help but dance and smile. I never knew what it was called (and thought Lorde sang it) so I could never find it. Until today:)

8. This video. Ikea puns. I died. SO funny.

I hope all of you were able to find some joy in your Monday:)


What are you reading right now? Any Jodi fans out there?

What is your favourite song right now?

What is something that made you smile on Monday? Or today?


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