Reality Check Wednesday & Workout Recap Thus Far

Hello all (again?) and welcome to my Reality Check Wednesday! As always, thanks to Teresa for hosting:)


I woke up late this morning, and since I prioritize breakfast over hygiene, a shower did not happen tho morning. So I am rocking this cute little bow in my ponytail today. I promise I’m 21 and not 12:)


Today is my last Wednesday of work so I just had to continue the coffee tradition. There’s something about the middle of the week that just screams COFFEE (with caramel and a Lara Bar)!


I will admit that I still do not know how to properly cut an avocado. I slice it vertically down the middle, remove the pit and squeeze the avocado out of the peel. I know there is a more efficient way but I have yet to find it.


I had a really delicious lunch today. Mixed bean salad (3 bean mixture, corn, chopped tomatoes and green onions, olive oil and Smokey BBQ seasoning) with avocado. I ended up mixing it all together and eating it on corn tortilla chips like salsa. Delicious and super filling.


Oh yes, and the best green stuff Starbucks has to offer.

Not pictured: the 35$ I spent getting pictures of the kids I nanny for printed out. I have three more days left with these kiddos and thought they might like some pictures to remember the summer by. I just didn’t think it would cost me quite so much!

Like I said, my reality is not usually all that exciting – but I guess that’s what makes it REAL. The rest of my Wednesday will include a long drive home in rush hour, a speed workout (or maybe a moderate run instead), school supply shopping with my dad (because I am a broke student who still needs her dad to buy her highlighters and pens) and a yin class with my mom later tonight.


Workout Recap

Since my posts have been pretty sporadic and all over the place this week, I thought I would do a quick recap of my workouts so far this week. I decided to push myself to include more strength training (at home) to really kick my training into gear. I am convinced that the strength training I did all winter and spring last year was the reason I was able to attain a half marathon PR by 13 minutes at the beginning of the summer, so I figure a little more strength training will hopefully push me under 2:00 hours on October 11!

1. A rest day from running
2. An upper body workout consisting of (all exercises done for 3 sets):
-15 pushups
-15 tricep dips
-15 pike pushups
-15 bent over reverse row
-20 bicep curls (per arm)
-20 tricep extensions (per arm)
-10 dolphin pushups
-30 sec. plank
3. Power Yoga class

Needless to say, my arms are still sore today.

1. Full Body workout including (again, I did 3 sets of each):
-10 single leg deadliest (no weight) per leg
-10 side plank with knee to chest per side
-40 mountain climbers
-10 forward lunges per leg
-10 clamshells per leg
-10 donkey kicks per leg
-10 single leg squats
-30 sec. plank

2. 6km run with Terry. I am not 100% sure where in my scheduled runs this run fits, but Terry wanted to run, so I jumped at the opportunity to 1. Spend quality time with my love and 2. Not run alone! We ended up finishing this run pretty quickly: it took us only 28 minutes which is an average pace of 4:49/km and a pretty unheard of pace for me. But Terry is an incredible athlete and although he doesn’t love to run, he is an AMAZING runner and really pushes me. My legs were fried by the end but I wasn’t as winded as I thought I would be. I was so surprised by our pace and felt pretty darn proud for the rest of the night.

Today calls for a speed workout, but I think I will trade it in for a longer, steadier run due to my unexpected speed last night!

Happy Wednesday to all!


What is something “real” that happened to you today?

Any tips for how to properly slice an avocado?

If you are in training mode, do you ever stray from your plan for an unplanned run?


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