Reality Check Wednesday

Thanks again to Teresa at Eat. Drink & Be Skinny for the amazing Wednesday theme:)


The good, the bad, the raw, the ugly.

The boring.

Like Teresa said in her original post, some days are boring. Some days have no exciting moments whatsoever and you even begin to question if your life is really interesting enough to write about and for people to read (or is that just me?)

Sometimes, showering just doesn’t happen in the morning (oops).

Sometimes you’re out of banana and have a minor attack. What is breakfast without a banana?!


Still fighting that cold.

There’s something about Wednesdays and Starbucks Venti coffees.


And sometimes my job forces me to make myself a little more at home at Starbucks than I should. Sorry for the mess!


Working out at nap time because I need more strength training these days. While watching Dance Moms. No shame. But I look like Sporty Spice with my high ponytail so that was fun.


Leftover sandwich from last night and a spinach/tomato/cucumber/pear/mixed nuts salad for lunch. I win.



I spend a lot of time in my car “commuting” to work. Traffic is brutal. But this is my favourite part of the drive. And the sky was pretty nice! I also accidentally finished Serial and I don’t know what to think. If you finish the podcast, you’ll understand.


My hill work after work was hard. And hot. There is still a heat advisory but I had done my last two runs on the treadmill and didn’t want to throw another day in there.

Running outside ended up being SO WORTH IT because there was a rainbow:) I tried to get a picture after my run but it had already faded.

My Workout
10 single leg deadlifts x 3 sets
10 lunges (frontx1 and back x1 = 1) x  3 sets
10 clamshells per leg x3 sets
10 donkey kick backs per leg x3 sets
10 knee crunch side plank per side x 3 sets
20 mountain climbers per leg x 3 sets
10 squat pulses x 3 sets
10 side lunges per leg x3 sets

2km warm up
10 x 100m uphill/100m downhill
2km cool down
Total: 6km

And that’s the reality of my Wednesday. Nothing too crazy! Really really really looking forward to the weekend because I have a HUGE surprise for Terry. But more on that this weekend:)


Do you ever plan any little surprises for your significant other? (or best friend, or sibling?)

How was your Wednesday?

Any podcasts to recommend? (I’m addicted)

Favourite Spice Girl? (I used to always love Baby Spice growing up but I think I would kill to be as sexy as Posh Spice now;)


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