Weekend Recap – “Don’t take things so seriously”

It was a quiet, quiet weekend around here! You did not miss much, which is why I decided to combine the whole weekend into one handy dandy recap.

Thursday Night


Hope and I made these babies. They don’t look super appealing (mostly due to our below average rolling skills) but they tasted awesome. Rice paper wraps with tofu, broccoli slaw, cucumbers, mango and sweet chilli sauce. Dipped into more sweet chilli sauce of course.

Then Erin (best friend since grade 7 and bestest yoga buddy) and I went to Power Yoga – our absolute fave!

Thursday was also Miracle Day at Dairy Queen, meaning we HAD to get blizzards to support the Children’s Miracle Network. I basically look for any excuse to get the good stuff.

Terry and I waited in line for probably 30 minutes but it was so worth it. I always, always, always get the Reese’s Blizzard and never stray from that. Ever ever ever. Because I refuse to believe that anything more delicious can exist in this world.

Also (another also) – it was Roots’ 42nd Anniversary Sale (42% off all sweats) which is a HUGE deal for me because I will pay top dollar for year-round comfort, and a sale in just the cherry on top. Check out these bad boys:


They almost make me excited for fall. Almost.


I actually had Friday off from work – yippee!

Friday’s Workout
Called for: 35-40 mins easy run
What I Did: 6km easy @ 6:00-6:50/km average pace

Like I mentioned in an earlier blog post about easy runs, I decided to really focus on slowing down on my easy runs. I was really excited to set out on this relaxing run and finally just take it slow and steady for the full 40 minutes. I might have taken this a little too seriously, because my pace slowed down to almost 6:50/km pace, which is suuuuuper slow for me. Then I started worrying about running TOO slow and started freaking out that this one slow run would get my body used to running slowly and then I would run slowly for the rest of my training, and not be able to finish my long runs on time, and I would run a slow race come October and not get my PR and, and, and…

And then I remembered some advice from one of my FAVOURITE yoga teachers. Throughout our practice, she tell us constantly: “Don’t take things so seriously.”

So closer to the end of my run, I forced myself to think about this, because it is SO true. Who cares how fast or slow you are going. You’re still going. Who cares how flexible you are in certain poses. You’re still there trying. I think this mantra is crucial for many people, whether they are runners, yogis or anything else under the sun. If you love it, THAT’S what matters. Don’t wreck your YOU time by worrying about all the bad that can come from it, because odds are, there’s a heck of a lot more good!

Friday finished off with an hour of Power Yoga (with the same teacher, no less).


Was going to do my long run but decided to sleep instead (it happens). The rest of the day consisted of Starbucks iced coffees, lots of shopping with my amazing mom (for myself and for Hope and Jake’s birthday on SATURDAY), pedicures with my mom and Nana (my two favourite ladies in the entire world), Wendy’s salads and ice cream, and lots and lots and lots of home yoga.

Saturday’s Workout
45 mins Power Yoga
30 mins Yin Yoga

And I finally grasped the idea of a headstand and can now do them pretty consistently. Thanks to my favourite yoga videos (Yoga with Adriene) for an amazing How-To Video!!



Long run, Costco, meal prep. Pretty regular Sunday.


My green juice for the week (spinach, cucumber, hemp protein powder, strawberries and water).

I also made my Egg White Oats for the week – recipe to come TOMORROW.

Sunday’s Workout
Called for: 8 miles under 1h 15mins
What I Did: 8.1 miles (13km) @ 9:13/mile pace (72:30mins)

I actually did this run on the treadmill at the gym because Ottawa is under a heat warning advisory (it was already 40C with the humidex at 11AM). I didn’t want to pass out from the heat so I resorted to the treadmill.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike long runs on the treadmill? They seem to go on FOREVER.

I passed the time with two episodes of Serial (OMG – MUST. LISTEN.) and half an episode of Grey’s. I felt pretty strong at this pace and didn’t slow down once. I actually even sped up for the last mile!

Feeling pretty satisfied with this run and I honestly can’t believe that tomorrow is already a new week!

Happy Sunday night/Monday morning to you all!


What did you do this weekend?

Does anybody listen to Serial?

What is your mantra?

Favourite Blizzard flavour?


9 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – “Don’t take things so seriously”

  1. Love Serial!! I only have a few episodes left so I’m saving them for my long runs on the weekend. I’m so hooked! We had DQ’s Miracle Day a few weeks ago and I got the Strawberry Cheesequake blizzard, it’s my favorite!! I love your mantra, “don’t take it so seriously.” I completely agree! Running is fun so when I start to think too much about how far I have left or how fast I’m going, I just try to remember to just, run! Just enjoy it!


    • Thank you so much for your sweet words! And for reading? Isn’t it so funny that we tend to have the most difficulty with our “easy” runs? Just another running paradox:)


  2. You’re doing great! I’ve had to learn to slow down for long runs, but it is TOTALLY worth it. You’re gonna notice especially as the runs increase in length. I think that the sweet spot is about 45s-1 min slower, but really? As long as you would be able to have a conversation, you are on it. Even if said convo is with yourself.
    And my mom and I used to be addicted to health bar mcflurries, so I’ve only ever had 1 blizzard, and it was that flavor! Though I did steal a bite of a triple brownie one once….. shhhhhh


    • Thank you so much! I like the conversation rule a lot but also like the 45sec-1min slower guideline because NUMBERS!!
      And to me, ANY ice cream is good ice cream – yum!


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