Killer Sprints & A Yummy Dinner

… what more could you ask for?!

I was actually stoked to get home and do this workout. I guess I had a ton of pent up energy from not doing any activity for ONE WHOLE DAY (sarcasm). It was perfect running weather, a cool 20C with a nice cloud cover. Sooo perfect.

I gathered up my water bottle, notebook (to document everything to share with you wonderful people!) and watch (of course) and headed to the park. We have a little dog park two houses down on our street that is about 300m all the way around and I love doing speed work here – it’s as close to a track as you can get!

Wednesday’s Speed Workout

What it called for:
-35 minutes of speed or hills intervals – I chose speed this week.

What I did:
-warmup: 2km @ 5:35 (goal race pace)

-800m @ 4:27 (time: 3:33)
-300m recover (all my recovery runs were around 6:40-6:47 pace)

-600m @ 4:15 (time: 2:33)
-300m recover

-400m @ 3:54 (time: 1:33)
-300m recover

-200m @ 3:38 (time: 0:43)
-300m recover

-1km cool down @ anywhere from 5:55 to 6:40 – I had NO GAS left in my tank by that time!

-lots of stretching!!

Now – this workout was big for me because I didn’t set any goal times, I just ran as fast as I could for each distance. I gave it my all. I have no idea if these are great times or not, but I FELT great (well, when I wasn’t dying) and I still feel very proud of myself for powering through those distances – especially the 800m!

Like I said, some parts were HARD. I had to sing a lot of songs under my breath and repeat a ton of mantras to myself throughout the sprints to keep myself going (a really common one during this run was “800m/400m/600m/200m you are my b$%^&” – hahaha. Vulgar but necessary and also helpful:)

I also counted all the wildlife I saw during my recovery runs to distract myself from the coming intervals – 2 dogs, 3 rabbits and 5 crows. Exotic.

I guess you could call this speed workout a time trial. I would love to run this again in a few weeks to see if I have improved:)


Later that night I went over to Terry’s and made an AMAZING dinner. We had no idea what we were in the mood for and had very few ingredients, so I Googled “What can you make with pasta, sweet potato and kale” and THIS recipe popped up!

It was delicious and SO easy.


It looks cheesy but that is really a cream sauce made with MASHED SWEET POTATO and SOY MILK. That makes for a happy belly;)

The recipe doesn’t call for it, but I added some shredded zucchini for a little oomph;)

All I needed was:
-whole wheat pasta
-1 large sweet potato mashed with added soy milk and garlic
-shredded zucchini
-kale roasted with olive oil and parmesan cheese

The final product:


And a Bud Light Lime just because. And boyfriend approved -yippee! I highly recommend this easy, delicious and nutrient-rich meal next time you and your significant other are in the “I dunno, what do you want? I dunno, what do you want?” mood.

Tonight – POWER YOGA because my cough is gone, hurray!


Tried any new recipes lately?

Favourite beer? (or drink?)

What was your workout today? Any speed work?

Does anybody run time trials regularly?


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