Reality Check Wednesday


FIRST OF ALL – a huge thank you to TERESA at Eat. Drink & be Skinny for this incredible idea. She and I both agree that blogs/social media, etc. constantly portray the beautiful, the good, the exciting, the healthy aspects of life, but leave out the REAL, the ugly, the raw. Teresa’s movement asks one simple thing – to show the world your REAL Wednesday. Through these “real” pictures, blog posts, affirmations, we can hopefully begin to see the perfection in our imperfections and realize that we are ALL human – through the beautiful and the not so. Only then can we really appreciate our quiet days, our “regular” days and our french fry binge as much as our adventure-and-green-juice days:)

Reality Check Wednesday starts now! Share Teresa’s post on your blog, use #realitycheckwednesday and #daretobereal to join in on the fun!!

Go HERE to read Teresa’s blog post!



Sometimes, your day is a little like the pita chips you try to make…


And sometimes you eat them anyway (oops).

Sometimes, you are on Day 6 of a cold and start to get a little impatient with your body because you can’t do the things you want to do.

Sometimes you have to skip yoga because your constant coughing and nose-blowing will disturb everyone’s zen.

And sometimes you have to cancel your date night to see “Dark Places” at the theatre for the same reasons:(

Sometimes you spend your entire work day crossing your fingers that this phlegm will drain away somewhere so you can do your track workout after work.

Sometimes you plan to drink all the water but instead need ALL the coffee.


Sometimes you try to save the environment with your reusable Starbucks cup but forget it at home and get coffee anyway.

And sometimes you plan to spend nap time doing some early reading for school (Lord of the Rings or Canadian Lit) but start a new Netflix binge instead.

(It’s written by Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, so it’s gotta be good – right?)

The sickness – at least – is temporary. This feeling of not being enough, not doing enough is temporary. The rest of this just makes me human:)

PS – Check out THIS post from KATHERINE at Sweet Southern Run. She didn’t ask me to do a shout out but I just loved this post too much not to share.

AND REMEMBER – You are enough!!!




4 thoughts on “Reality Check Wednesday

    • No problem! I really love the honesty of your blog:) Thanks for the good wishes and I’m glad SOMEONE understands the importance of coffee as a crucial fluid;)


  1. Scandal….sigh….I almost wish I was starting again fresh and binge watching. Last Christmas, three days in PJs watching and then getting dressed (in gym clothes) and watching on the cardio equipment. It was blissful and amazing. Scandal is freaking awesome.

    I didn’t realize Dark Places was out yet. I think I found my date night with myself. Yay!!!


    • Wow, it’s that good eh? I will definitely stick with it!
      Did you end up going to see Dark Places? I still haven’t and I’m dying to! Have you read the book and/or Flynn’s Sharp Objects?


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