TMI, Green Juice and a RUN

I took today off from work because this virus is STILL getting me (we have reached Day 4). It has moved on to a chest cough and sore throat. This morning, I woke up feeling pretty darn terrible, but I was SO ready to get back to my normal routine, run schedule and food! I forced myself out of bed, shovelled in my normal breakfast (egg white zucchini oats… they’re good, I swear), drank lots of water, watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (for good measure… Side note, this is my fourth time watching the full series… I know) and summoned up some courage and strength to tie up my running shoes.

I had 4-5 miles in 40 minutes on the schedule for today, but really wanted to just get out there and see how I felt. After 2km I got into my zone and all the phlegm in my chest, nose, throat, mouth, sinus cavities (too much information?) finally cleared away. I felt pretty darn good the rest of the run and completed my scheduled run! Not feeling 100% myself, but definitely on the road to it! And hey, I actually felt BETTER after running… I swear it is magic.



Today’s run:
-4.34 miles (7km) in just over 40 minutes. My numbers-obsessed self forced me to run an extra 30 seconds to reach 7km – God forbid I run an uneven number!!

-Average pace: 5:48min/km – just a little short of my goal pace (5:35), but given my condition I will take the slower pace!

-My jam this run: “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. This song has been my jam since the day I made my first running playlist! Anybody else channel Bridget from Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants running on the beach, blonde hair flowing in the wind? P.S. – I bet you can tell which kilometre it came on:)

I spent the rest of the day doing errands and trying to get back to myself:) I stopped at Starbucks for a little green tea action.

These reusable cups are so handy AND a grande coffee/tea is under 2$ when you use one of these guys (you save 10c a cup). PLUS it’s much better for the environment!!

Buy 20 get 1 free!!;)

I then had the best salad ever made by my mom:

(Mixed greens, kale, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and mixed nuts. Oh, and some Wheat Thins:)

After my afternoon nap I had some green juice. I just recently started making my own. It definitely isn’t the best tasting juice in the world but I swear I feel rejuvenated after drinking it;) At the very least, it gets me some extra greens and H2O.

(Handful each of: spinach, pineapple, green grapes, cucumber. And a teaspoon of hemp protein powder).

When my sister got home from we did another quick park workout together!

Today’s workout:
3×15 Russian twists and sumo squats
3×15 single leg squats, 1 minute plank
3×15 regular squats and oblique crunches

Tomorrow is back on the work grind and calls for some cycling and a Power Yoga class!


Any shows you have watched over and over and over?

Any Netflix suggestions?
-I can’t seem to like anything as much as I like Grey’s Anatomy!!

Does anybody else drink green juice daily? If so, what is your recipe?

How was your run today?


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