What Do You Do When You’re Sick?

Here’s where I need feedback from YOU.

I wouldn’t say I get sick very often, but when I do, I get it pretty badly and just want to curl up into a ball and feel sorry for myself. I’m pretty good at powering through a day of classes, teaching and even zombie-ing (totally just made a new verb there) my way through a dance rehearsal. But boy, do I have a hard time tying up my shoes and hitting the road when I am sick.

I have done the research and discovered that (basically) if you are not throwing up or do not have a fever, you are set to run. But sometimes, my body tells me otherwise.

I woke up Sunday morning knowing I had 7 miles on the schedule – I had even laid out my outfit, charged my watch and iPod and updated my running playlist. But my head, sinuses, throat, ears, chest – THE WHOLE SHABANG – felt SO off. I basically felt like I was going to explode. As Terry got ready for me to drive him to work, I obsessively Googled: “running while sick,” “running with a chest cold,” “running with a sore throat,” etc. I realized I was basically looking for confirmation that it was totally okay to skip my long run, pop some Advil Cold&Sinus and head back to bed for a few hours. I didn’t find the answer I wanted, so I pouted and dreaded arriving home to run.

And then I realized something.

If I felt that my body was not up to run – WHY RUN?!

Why was I looking for the (expert?) advice of others to tell me how my own body should feel?

Since when did running trump my health?

I decided to head on back to bed, drink lots of tea and soup and totally relax. I still feel a little guilty for skipping out on my long run, but tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and I will hopefully feel much better to tackle training this week:)

So today did not look like this:


But instead consisted of a lot of this:


And this:


And I looked a lot like this:

(Spot the Marley)


My question to YOU is: how do you handle sickness during training?

Is it better to push yourself, or rest (even on a long run day!) to hopefully recover faster?


2 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You’re Sick?

  1. I’m definite no expert, but I think it depends how you feel. If you are feeling really bad of have a cough then I sould say rest. Sometimes you need to relax or you won’t get better. If you just have a little cold/sinus thing I would say run. I had a sinus infection for a couple months (horrible) but when I ran I feel it helped clear me up.


    • I totally agree about the sinus infection!! Running seems to clear it right up every time! But I think anything chest/throat related (if it’s bad enough) might mean it’s time for some rest:)


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