Color Vibe 5km Fun Run Recap

The most fun I’ve ever had on race day – and that’s saying something, since I LOVE race days.

The four of us (Mom, Hope, Jake and myself) were up around 6:45am to get ready and eat some breakfast. We were all super slow moving because we all got colds after the cottage last weekend! We snuggled, sneezed and coughed our way through our morning routines and inhaled some peanut butter toast with bananas. We had picked up white shirts on Thursday and our bibs on Friday. I had to scrounge around my room for extra safety pins for our bibs because we weren’t given any at registration – ahh!! Luckily between races and dance competitions – I had a ton laying around!
We drove out to the location with no traffic, paid our 10$ parking and headed in. It was barely 8am but the music was blaring and the grounds were starting to fill up. We were told that there were 9000 runners attending!!
With your bib at registration, everyone is given a colour pack. It is basically colour powder that sticks to anything it touches. The four of us had a blast throwing it around at each it. Literally some of my favourite memories! Jake loved giving his armpits some attention:
We headed over to a huge area with a stage. Some volunteers were leading a Zumba-Esque warmup for everyone. With all the people, the colours and the music, it was such a fun environment and we all soon forgot how sick we were:)
All the runners were sent off in waves to avoid congestion. We went out in the fourth wave and Jake and I took off running while Hope, my mom and Hope’s friend’s family whom we met up with, stayed a little bit behind to run/walk.
Might I mention that Jake ran the full 5km in Vans. Probably the flattest and least supportive shoe out there. He rolled over his ankle 7 times throughout the race – we counted!! Kids do not try this at home!!
The race was a loop around an equestrian park. No pavement which my knees loved. Lots of rolling hills which my quads did not love! But I loved how different it was than a road race; tons of different scenery and different tracks. At every kilometre or so, volunteers would be waiting to throw even more colour powder at you. Let’s just say we all had colour in places colour should never be!
We finished the race strong. This race was strictly a “fun” race so no clocks, chips or stopwatches were involved. I couldn’t even begin to guess the pace Jake and I ran at or how long it took us to finish. This aspect was refreshing for me especially, since I was a stickler for numbers and times. As always, it’s nice to run by feel and solely for FUN. I got to spend the 5km laughing and running with Jake which was the best part:)
(The aftermath)
We grabbed water and watched everyone else come in. The positive vibes radiating from the crowds were unbelievable! It was so cool to see so many people of different demographics coming together to run and support each other in a totally non-competitive environment.
There was also a dance party and a DJ after – so much fun!
I honestly can’t wait to do this race again next year. Especially in the midst of training for a race, it’s super nice to get out and have a fun morning with the fam and run for the sake of running. It was so nice to care more about getting as much colour on you as possible, instead of keeping pace throughout the race. We made so many awesome memories, laughed until our sides ached and got some really great pictures.
(My beautiful momma – how amazing is this picture?!)
A great race doesn’t come from a PR or a new attained distance, but more from the memories and lessons you take away from them. As always, I was reminded of how much I love this sport and how special it is to share it with my favourite people ever (who don’t even really like running in the first place:)
Has anybody ever done a Fun Run?
-I think they are all untimed and unchipped. I have heard of other colour runs, foam runs and mud runs.
Does your family like to run or do you have to convince them to run with you?
Anybody else best friends with their mom and siblings?

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