The Glebe & Quality Time With Hopey

FIRST OF ALL – thank you a million to Sunshine in Motion for my FIRST EVER COMMENT! You probably won’t believe me, but I was jumping up and down with excitement. Everyone go read about these ladies, they are incredible and SO sweet! Thanks for making my day/week/life ladies:)


I’m pretty lucky that my job as a nanny allows me some wiggle-room as to what I do in a day. On Wednesdays, it is just Baby and I. We go to Monkey Rock (a type of music class) in the morning and it just HAPPENS to be in one of my favourite parts of Ottawa – THE GLEBE. It has tons of cute little shops and cafes but also a MASSIVE Running Room, Sporting Life and WHOLE FOODS.

IMG_3630 IMG_3627


I made a (bad) habit of getting a latte at Whole Foods every Wednesday and the bank was not looking so good. I compromised with myself and got a regular coffee today and regretted it instantly:(

I threw in a couple Stevia packets – why has nobody warned me about how bitter its bitter aftertaste is?! Ugh!!!


Terrible coffee but not so terrible company.

The Glebe is also littered with cute/quirky little signs like these:


Yes, these signs absolutely make me want to come into your store!!

Also, I must go here. Why have I not gone here?


Pancakes are my fave.

Lunch was this beautiful creation. Whole wheat bread, provolone, basil-pesto mayo, arugula, oven-roasted turkey breast and tomatoes. Not the best vegetarian choice but life happens (sorry Hope).


Fastforward to after work. Hope and I headed to a little park on our street to get a workout/sprint session in. We followed Hungry Runner Girl’s Track Party Workout #2. Thanks Janae – we definitely had a party but this workout was killer!! This was our before picture:


And this was our after picture:


This brought my sprint distance to 3 miles (5km) – YIKES. Can’t decide if the 5km of sprints or the 180 jumping lunges was harder. The best part hands down was spending time with Hope! She is my number one favourite gal in the world. It’s so funny because we are 4 years apart in age (yes, I’m older…) but people mistake us for twins (or for each other) almost everyday! I am super lucky to have this lady as my sister – she is going places, I’ll tell you now!! Love you Hopey:)

Hope is a vegan so we made this sweet vegan meal:


Looks terrible but those vege burgers are darn good. And watermelon because I am holding onto every last ounce of summer!!

Because Hope and I have the same nagging sweet tooth, we hit up Bulk Barn for some of our specialty “fruit salad”:


Dried mango, dried kiwi, dried pineapple and dark chocolate covered almonds – YUM.

Now to hide our beautiful creation from Jake – sorry Jakey:)

I hope everyone had an enjoyable hump day! The weekend is coming!


Favourite thing to get at Bulk Barn (or other “bulk” stores, aka candy stores:)

Anybody else have a sibling best friend?


One thought on “The Glebe & Quality Time With Hopey

  1. awww thanks for the shout out!!! i seriously love the name of your blog and am excited to follow your progression 🙂 🙂


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