Maybe I Should Change My Blog’s Name & My Promise to Myself

Yesterday I had every intention of going for an easy run and hitting up a Power Yoga class. But then I got this text from my brother…


Who can say no to All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi? (Is there even a point in going to regular sushi?)


We ate a lot. It was super nice to spend some alone time with Jake because he is a super popular and busy guy. Bonding over food is the best kind of bonding:)




Don’t even bother asking me what we got because I have no recollection. If it was in front of me, I ate it and it was delicious.

If you’re wondering where Hope was, she had been at this exact restaurant with her friends an hour earlier, hence where Jake got his sushi inspiration:)

If you’ve ever been to All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi, you know that the rest of the day is spent napping. My mom and I watched My Sister’sKeeper for the bajillionth time because it just came to Netflix. And yes, we still cried n average of 4 times each throughout the movie. Definitely one of my favourite movies (and Jodi Picoult is my favourite author).

I spent the rest of the day being too full to do anything. Everyone in my house felt the same, so it was a quiet evening.

Hope sent me this pic claiming it is “our” future wedding dress. We are basically the same person and have the same taste. We figure if we buy a dress together we could save some money;)


The night ended with a trip to Menchie’s with Terry. Oops. This is my froyo covered in crumbled Reese’s Cups due to a major craving I had. After paying almost 8$ for this, I briefly wondered why I didn’t just buy 8$ worth of Reese’s Cups at the store, but the combination of bobas, skit pieces and a few fuzzy peaches made it all worth it. And of course the froyo.


I was going to run yesterday, I swear…..

When I started seriously running, I made a promise to myself. As much as I love and adore running, and as disciplined as I am usually to squeeze in my run where necessary, I promised myself I would never put running before spending time with those I love. And yesterday, spending time with my family was more important. Running is amazing and important for so many reasons, but nothing is more important than my family:)

Today marks the first week of my 10-week sub 2hour half marathon training plan – try saying that 5 times fast!!

The moral of the story is maybe I should change my blog to Diary of an Eating Snail, since there seems to be a lot more eating than running going on…


Today asks for 3-4 miles of moderate running. I am beyond excited to run after work tonight!


What is your favourite thing to get at a sushi place?

Any Jodi Picoult fans out there?


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