Haven’t Run a Step All Weekend & Feeling Zen

HAPPY MONDAY and happy HOLIDAY Monday to my fellow Ontarians! I absolutely LOVE having this extra day to get ready for the week. It always assures that the rest of the week will just fly by.

This weekend was one of those great ones!

Saturday morning: a fab yoga class, green juice, a massive iced coffee and a drive to the cottage. My mom, sister (+1) and brother (+2) had all headed up the night before so I met them there. There’s just something about driving those country roads I have driven hundreds of times over with the tunes blasting.

Saturday rained and rained and rained.

And hailed.


But we created the best ever s’mores ever: two chocolate covered digestive cookies with a roasted Peep in the middle. Yes, I realize it’s not Easter and yes, I realize I am 21 years old:)

I woke up Sunday morning with every intention of going for a run, but my mom and I made pancakes for everybody instead. We even went all out and tried to make blueberry pancakes. “Tried” being the key word here:


We accidentally dumped the entire container of blueberries in the pancakes. No biggy. We just rolled with it:


Basically blueberry cobbler for breakfast. We didn’t complain;)

The rest of Sunday my mom and I played around in the water and hot tub and with different yoga poses on the dock. Because God-forbid we go 24 hours without some kind of yoga these days…




Check out that terrible runners’ tan. LOOOOOVE sports bra/tank top tan lines! Who’s with me!


Needless to say, between the lack of cell phone service, the beautiful view, the warm sunshine and the good food, we were all feeling very zen by the time we left Sunday night. I truly think everybody needs more weekends like these: quality time with the best people totally unplugged. It allows you to completely reset and start fresh. I am so ready for this coming week – training starts this week!:)



I really hope everybody has their own “getaway” – where ever it may be. There is just something about that water, those mountains, that sky…

Tonight calls for – whatever I am feeling! Could be a 10km, could be more, could be less! All depends on how I am feeling.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well! And to all of those who have read and liked my posts – THANK YOU. I am so incredibly humbled and excited!!


Favourite s’mores combo?

Where is your getaway?


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